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About the project


EasyWorkStation is a hybrid chair with a recliner mechanism and a special bracket integrated into it. One ore two monitors, a keyboard holder can be located on front bracket. The project started in 2015 and its goal was to create a convenient, ergonomic workstation for a programmer, designer, gamer and all those spend a long time at the computer.




     The chair was developed using modern 3d design systems, which ensures the production of products of any degree of complexity and purpose, analysis of manufacturability and strength, simulating the operation of the chair.
All this allows to reduce development costs, increase the speed of implementation, which in turn affects the final cost of the chair.



We tried to make the chair so that it meets the modern requirements of a comfortable workplace: wide armrests with soft inserts for the forearm, a rigid anatomical back, and an adjustable head restraint. The special monitor bracket is designed so that when transforming the chair, the distance from the operator’s eyes to the plane of the monitor, as well as the angle of the monitor, remain unchanged. Thanks to the special transformation mechanism, you can take both a sitting and fully lying body position, as well as fix the chair in any of the intermediate positions.


What's under the hood?

The mechanism of transformation is based on the proven Recliner mechanism with a lifting capacity of up to 160 kg. The electric motor of this mechanism is certified for 25,000 cycles. A feature of this series of recliners is the ability to unfold "in the horizon", i.e. in the fully lying position, and the presence of the “zero wall” option implies “rolling out” the mechanism forward at the time of transformation and, accordingly, the ability to install the chair closer to the wall to save space.


Just one click away

The chair is transformed by one engine (actuator) by touching the touch buttons on the right armrest. Without being distracted from work, you can take a comfortable position by pressing just one button, without constant settings for the location of the monitor. A quick change of position is one of the requirements that we tried to implement when developing a system of brackets.


Materials and components

The frame and bracket of the chair are made of steel, which guarantees the durability of the structure, even with active use. The base of the backrest, headrest, saddle, support under the shins, armrests are made of plywood.
Secondary foaming foam is used as filling, which differs from conventional foam by the service life.
The chair is lined with high-quality artificial leather BIONICA Black diamond, which passed the Martindale test for 120,000 cycles!


Price: 109 190 rub.


At the moment, the chairs a re made individually. Production time depends on the production cycle and can be from 5 to 45 days. In order to find out the exact dates, fill out and submit the form below.




Where can I see chair, sit and try?

We are current resolving issues regarding the placement of our chair in the showrooms. As soon as the information appears we will immediately inform you and you can feel the comfort of EasyWorkStation! 

What are the dimensions and weight of the chair?

Our chair is not larger than a regular home chair, so it does not require additional space. The weight of the chair is 64 kg. The sizes are presented below. 

Can I order a different material and color of skin?

Yes it is possible. At the moment, an assortment of fabrics and colors is being formed, from which you can choose the material and color you like.

Can I mount more than one monitor on a bracket?

Yes, the bracket platform is designed in such a way that several types of mounts can be installed on it: for one monitor, two monitors, mounts for a laptop or tablet. 





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