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An ergonomic cyberstation for those who spend a lot of time at the computer and want to stay healthy

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Created by a programmer. Dictated by pain

EasyWorkStation was developed by a programmer who suffered from back pain and could not concentrate on his work and be fully productive. He couldn't find a product that solved his problem and was affordable and of good quality. So he set out to develop his own solution.

This is how EasyWorkStation was born, a unique cyber workstation to reduce the strain on the body by taking into account the anatomical features of the person.

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Risks to the body from working on a computer for extended periods of time
Uncomfortable posture causes tension in the spine, destroys the intervertebral discs, and contributes to the appearance of hernias. It puts intense stress on some muscle groups, atrophying others.
Headaches and migraines may occur.
Tension in the spine contributes to the destruction of the cervical spinal discs.
The fingers go numb and there is trembling in the hands. Improper body positioning often causes carpal tunnel syndrome, causes microtraumas of the vascular nerve bundle and surrounding tissues, and impairs blood circulation.
Genitourinary system
Blood stagnation in the pelvic organs negatively affects the urogenital system and increases the risk of prostatitis, infertility and other diseases.

EasyWorkStation reduces or eliminates risks

Maximum reduction in the load on the spine
Proper placement of forearms and hands
Neck and head comfortable position
Leg hold
Maximum reduction of stress on the spine
Comfortable leg support
Long-term maintenance of performance at a high level
Correct positioning of the forearms and hands
Comfort for neck and head
EasyWorkStation replaces a chair and a desk. Creates a comfortable working environment. It is a hybrid of integrated bracket for monitors and recliner chair.

Functionality of the cyber station

It locks in any comfortable position. Allows for an ergonomically correct body position.
Easily transformed by touch buttons right under your hand.
Completely unfolds to the horizontal position.
Optimal adjustable distance from your eyes to the monitor. From 24 to 40 inch.
You can install a mount for a laptop, tablet or vertical monitor.
Can be installed against a wall. The "zero wall" mechanism allows easy transformation without the need to move the station.
EasyWorkStation replaces a chair and a desk. Creates a comfortable working environment. It is a hybrid of integrated bracket for monitors and recliner chair.

Functionality of the cyber station

Materials and accessories

The cyberstation is designed using modern 3D design and process strength analysis systems. The design is patented and has passed all necessary tests.
The chair and the fixed part of the headrest are made of secondary foam PPU, which differs from the usual PPU with its higher durability.
The headrest is made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam with memory effect. The material was created by NASA for astronauts. Its benefits:

Chair and headrest

Frame and brackets


Each buyer can choose his own upholstery chair. There are two options to choose from:
The base of the backrest, headrest, seat, shin supports, armrests are made of plywood.


Adjusts to the curves of the body, creating the correct orthopedic support for the head.
There is no back pressure, which allows you to relax the cervical vertebrae, reducing the load on the back.
When heated by body temperature, the material becomes elastic, so it fills in all the irregularities.
Independently restores its shape after compression.
The ventilated material allows air to circulate freely inside.
High quality steel. Great for active daily use. Guarantees the reliability of the construction throughout the entire time of use.
All parts for the chair are made on modern, ultra-precise laser equipment.
Motor mechanism certified for 25,000 cycles of transformations at a distributed load of 220 lb
Vandal resistant velour collection GOYA (LE). It has a soft dense pile. According to the Martindale test, this type of upholstery can withstand 60,000 cycles.
Bionica Black diamond synthetic breathable leather. According to the Martindale test, it withstands 120,000 cycles.

About the workstation

The EasyWorkStation is great even for small spaces. It can be easily installed in apartments and offices. When disassembled, it fits in the trunk of a car.

  • Dimensions in upright position (inch): 50x43x36
  • Dimensions in horizontal position (inch): 62x37x36
  • Weight: 143 lb in minimal configuration
  • Load capacity: 353 lb.
  • Number of monitors to install from 1 to 2. Plus an additional bracket for a laptop, tablet or vertical monitor is possible.
  • Maximum angle of inclination: 24 degrees.
The station is ideal for programmers, designers, traders, gamers, planners and others who spend a lot of time in front of a computer and want to stay healthy and productive.
Who is suitable for the EasyWorkStation cyber chair?
Delivery is possible in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by transport company PEC. Shipping cost is paid separately and depends on the region. Possible self-delivery from the city of Fryazino, Moscow region.

Assembly of the cyber station you can do yourself according to the instructions. This is easy. Product comes in 4−5 modules (depending on configuration). If necessary in Moscow and Moscow region assembling service is available. The cost of $26.
Delivery and assembly
Type of bracket depends on the number and diagonal of monitors and discussed individually.
Payment options you can discuss directly with the manager.
The package does not include a bracket for the monitor. If desired, we can install one or two brackets.

EasyWorkStation Cyber Chair Cost

$ 2.500
Patents and certificates


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